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Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo - Stockholm, Sweden

Bujinkan Shidoshi-kai Address List

There are 51records in the database (only 51have been verified Shidoshi-kai members).

Finding a good Bujinkan teacher might not be so easy. There are however certain things you should think of when finding one. The teacher should frequently visit Japan and train with Hatsumi Sensei, or he should frequently train with those that does so (training at seminars for example). The teacher should also train himself and learn from you and everyone else around, not only teach (look out for those that only wants to be an instructor!).

The teacher should encourage you and your own progress by letting you go to seminars and Japan to train. Sometimes this means you don't train with the "teacher" closest to you. Another thing, the teacher should provide you with membership cards and rank certificates from Honbu Dojo, if he doesn't you should ask him why, and yourself if he is a good teacher.

Anyway I wish you the best of luck finding a good teacher.

Understanding the address list:Please note that most of the teachers listed here have actually not been checked if they are members of Shidoshi-kai (the Bujinkan Instructor organisation). There is a small note beside every instructor that has been checked (this means they have sent in a copy of their membership card or have been checked by someone trusted).

Verified Bujinkan Dojo:Next to a Dojo name you can see " (WARNING! Not a verified Bujinkan Shidoshi-kai Member)". This can mean one of the following...
a) record have not been updated for a long time,
b) anyone asked MSCto update,
c) have not proved to MSCthey are a legitimate Dojo.

How to be listed

Instructions (how to add, delete or modify records). NOTE! only Masai Shidoshi-kaimembers have access to change the database.

If you want your records to be changed you can become a member of Masaiand change it yourself (Shidoshi-kai members only). Or you can ask anyone of the Shihan or Shidoshi at Masaito add or change your Dojo records.

Why the hazzle?

Well although this have not been approved by Honbu Dojo, many people are interested in Bujinkan and want to train. Having a popular website like this I got dozens of questions from people who want to find an instructor. Then I started this list that anyone could add their dojo. Then it may seems like a list of Dojo's "recommended" by me. Actually I don't know everyone listed, and I certainly does not recommend everyone! Some dojo's might even be really bad. So then I had three choices...

Keep it as it is.I don't want to "recommend" anyone to go to a bad dojo they found at this website.

Remove it.If I removed it completely I would get dozens of e-mails from people asking where to train (hell I don't know more than a handful of instructors I really recommend anyway).

Restricting the accessto only Shidoshi-kai members seems to be the only option.

Someone very high ranked instructor said that "if Sensei haven't told you to do it, you have no right to demand people to show their membership cards". Yes this is true! But if I will recommend anyone to find an instructor through my website I want to know they are OK! If I can see their membership card or someone trusted can verify their membership status I think it is ok.

Disclaimer note:There is no guarantee that all listed here are authentic, true or legitimate Bujinkan Instructor. All instructors should be able to show their Bujinkan Shidoshi-kai membership for this year on request. If they don't want to do that you should find another instructor!

© Bujinkan Honbu Dojo - Kabutoshimen

Country Email Count Ver*
Australia @ 5 5
Austria @ 1 1
Colombia @ 1 1
France @ 1 1
Germany @ 6 6
Holland @ 1 1
Ireland @ 1 1
Japan @ 1 1
New_Zealand @ 1 1
Sweden @ 13 13
Switzerland @ 1 1
UK @ 3 3
USA @ 16 16
Venezuela @
Yugoslavia @ 1 1


Ver* : This means that the Instructor is a verified Bujinkan Shidoshi-kai member

Email @ : Request the address list by e-mail

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