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Bujinkan Kaigozan Dojo - Stockholm, Sweden

Bujinkan Seminars

Going to seminars is really important, especially if you have trained for a while. Even if you are lucky to have a really good instructor. No matter how good instructor you have, there is many things you can learn from other good instructors to. The seminar is also a great way of making new friends. And don't be afraid and think you don't know enough to go to a seminar. Going to seminars is like filling your tank with gas for further progress in your Budo training. Remember " shugyou" is the secret!

KAIGOUSURU: International Bujinkan Seminar with 15 Shihan/Shidoshi teaching!!!
KAIGOUSURU: International Bujinkan Seminar with 9 Shihan teaching!!!

There are 8seminars in the database!

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  • Please feel free and download the sourceand use it on your website. You may modify it as you like, this linkis just one example how to make a quick simple search in the seminar database.


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